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November 07, 2011
What was your shock-and-awe moment from NFL Week 8?
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November 07, 2011


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What was your shock-and-awe moment from NFL Week 8?

Chadley Brandon Claiborne The Rams and Steven Jackson stomping on my Saints. I mean, they even beat us without Sam Bradford in the game.

Tobyn Blatt The Patriots losing to the Steelers the way they did was astonishing. It was like Tom Brady was playing in a completely different game.

Rachel Eldridge (@racheleldridge): While most people would say the Rams, I think the Vikings' road win with rookie quarterback Christian Ponder, a guy making only his second NFL start, was impressive.

Brian Bice Even though they came away with a loss, the Cardinals playing so well against the Ravens shocked me.

Zach Myers Troy Polamalu nearly beheading Wes Welker and later slapping the ball into the end zone in the Steelers-Patriots game, with no penalty from the officials.

Nick Law (@TheLawOnSports): Karma taking a bite out of the Saints after they ran up the score last week against the Colts.