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Tour de France: Timeline

2001-1982 | 1981-1966 | 1965-1950 | 1949-1934 | 1933-1919 | 1918-1903
Desgrange, in an attempt to end team domination, decides to reformat the race by picking the competitors himself and organizing them into national teams. Desgrange opens the tour to advertising for the first time in an attempt to cover the expenses as l'Auto would be fiscally responsible for the teams. It's also the year of the first live radio broadcasts.
Lucien Buysse of Belgium wins the longest tour on record in 238:44:25.
This tour is reminiscent of pre-war days with the older cyclists dominating because the war prevented younger riders from practicing. Desgrange introduces the yellow jersey to identify the overall leader. The color yellow is chosen because it's the same color as the newspaper l'Auto, the race sponsor. Eugene Christophe of France is the first rider to ever wear the yellow jersey on July 18, 1919.
2001-1982 | 1981-1966 | 1965-1950 | 1949-1934 | 1933-1919 | 1918-1903